About Sewing For Fashion

What Is Sewing?

In its simplest terms, sewing is the joining together of two or more pieces of material together using a needle and thread.

Of course, there is much more to sewing than this. Sewing can be very simplistic, or extremely complex, and you can attain your own level of expertise according to your practical requirements or your artistic dreams.

What do we sew for?

Sewing can be practical, like sewing linens and curtains for your home. Or you can sew your children’s clothes, or garments for your whole family. Sewing can be an artistic endeavour or can create works of art in quilting or embroidery. You can sew garments for yourself that fits you, where you can add your own flair and style. You could also have a sewing business as a dressmaker, or create garments and crafts for sale. Many other crafts also utilise sewing skills, such as textile art or bag-making.

What do you need to sew?

Whatever your use is for sewing, it is essential that you have a wide range of skillsets to enable you to produce quality …

Most sewing can be accomplished using a simple needle and thread.  Hand sewing still has a multitude of applications today in garment sewing, embroidery and quilting.

Most sewing today, though, requires the use of a sewing machine in one form or another. Sewing machines require a different set of handling skills than hand sewing. For a beginner, sewing machines can be daunting and at times disappointing. They never work as simply and as easily as the brochures indicate!  It is well worth your time to learning how to control your machine and what each part does and can accomplish, as it will enable you to concentrate on your project rather than being frustrated with this valuable tool performance.

What Sewing For Fashion is About

Sewing for Fashion aims to teach you how to sew with modern techniques. Learn how to make your sewing machine work for you without frustration. Take your projects to the next level with techniques you can use to make it uniquely yours.

Learn to make patterns fit you, or learn how to make your own basic patterns, and then learn how to manipulate them to produced advanced patterns.

Learn many ways to embellish your projects, from simple stitching to fabric manipulation, to painting, embroidering, burning and much more.

Learn about fabrics, from fibres to manufacturing and finishing. Learn about natural and synthetic fibres, how they are used or blended for unique properties. Learn about woven and knit fabrics and how to use them. Learn about drape, nap, handle, pre-conditioning how to sew them.

Learn about thread, interfacing, stabilisers, glues, pressing and much more

Learn about the tools you need to sew, and about other helpful options that aid or speed up your sewing.

Sewing for Fashion aims to show you all this and more. There will be future structured sewing lessons to enable you to learn from beginner to advanced levels of sewing.

Would you like to have a sewing business?  Discover ideas for a sewing business. What about setting up a studio, accounting, inventory, customer service, pricing and marketing? Want to sell online? Learn how to set up a website, or sell through several online craft platforms.

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